Get the right plugins

Get the right plugins

What are WP plug ins?

Well, a plugin is a piece of software you plug into your WordPress blog so that functions are added. The best WP plugins help you with the primary areas of concern to you as a blogger, such as SEO, monetization, improvement of visitor experience.

Some of the top WP plugins are essential for any blog, some are specific to the type of blog you have, some are there to help with monetization of your blog. Some plugins are there just for a lark or for kicks or for decoration purposes, like those that allow you to have quotable quotes or smiley faces on your posts.

Here’s a good description of WP plugins by James Madelin.

“The best bit is that WordPress is such a common platform that almost anything you could want done has already been done and can be implemented by downloading the right plugin.”

The best WP plugins are those that help you with:

  • controlling spam on your blog;
  • search engine optimizing your blog contents;
  • optimizing your blog contents for mobiles and iPhones;
  • protecting your contact forms from automated spammers;
  • loading video players, slideshows, photo galleries and podcasts onto your blog;
  • showing related posts to your blog visitors;
  • backing up your blog data;
  • speeding up loading of your site when visitors access it;
  • facilitating your blog’s social network interfaces;
  • allowing visitors to subscribe to your RSS Feed
  • optimizing the monetization aspects of your blog.

Many plugins are not included in the core WordPress software. They need to be downloaded. Almost all plugins are not even developed by WordPress. They are developed by various freelancers, people who work to make your blogging life easier. Fortunately, most plugins—even the best WP plugins—are free, though some cost money.

You will also be glad to know that WordPress allows only those plugins that conform to its guidelines.

Every blogger has his or her list of top WP plugins, and his or her own preferences regarding the looks and functions on their blogs and possibly because of this, the basic WordPress software does not have every possible function built in. This is where WP plug ins come in (and they come in possibly in the thousands): they allow you to customize the functions you want on your blog.

There are probably thousands of plugins available out there, but remember one thing: too many plugins will spoil your blog’s loading speed. As you don’t want to overload your blog, make sure you go in for only the best WP plugins—those that are absolutely essential in terms of, for example, SEO, spam, application versatility, facilities for visitors and site loading speed.

There are a handful of top WP plugins that are absolutely essential; before you go in for any other plugins, do your homework. The web is replete with user comments and reviews.

But just to cut your work short: check out my next post for a list of the top WP plugins no blogger can do without.

The hardest part of design … is keeping features out.Donald Norman

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