Get your plugins plugged in

Get your plugins plugged in

Here is a list of plugins you simply must have installed and functioning on your blog. By no stretch of imagination should this be treated as an exhaustive list—there are thousands of plugins you can fool around with. Just remember, though, that overdoing plugins can have an adverse effect on the functioning of your blog.

However, you should treat the plugins listed here as essentials: plugins any blog must have installed. In my next post, I will mention some plugins you can use that are almost as important.

You should give careful consideration to the benefits of any other plugins you want to install, and to the relevance of those benefits for your blog.


Your own spam assassin. You don’t need to be told just what a pain in the butt some spam comments can be. Akismet terminates them with extreme prejudice. This is one of the plugins that no blogger should be without, especially if the plan is to have a popular blog that allows comments by visitors. You need a WP API key to activate and use it. You can get your API key at


A plugin that allows you to make your post title and other areas more search engine friendly. Allows you to add keywords and meta tags to each post. If you want your blog to be as SEO’d as humanly possible so that it climbs up the ranks, get this plugin. It may just be one of the most popular and widely used at WordPress.


A social bookmarking plugin that is highly recommended. This plugin automatically adds links on your blog posts, pages and RSS feeds to your favorite social bookmarking sites.

Google XML Sitemaps

A Google XML SiteMap is generated by this plugin, and new posts or alterations to existing posts are pinged. A must for bringing new content to the notice of search engines. In short, if you want your blog to be recognized by Google as quickly as possible, you must get this plugin. It generates a Google XML sitemap of your blog.

WordPress Database Backup

This plugin allows you to schedule regular backups of your blog’s database. The backed up files can be stored on your server or emailed to you for storage on your computer. You are taking a big, big risk with your data if you don’t regularly back it up.

What Would Seth Godin Do

This plugin invites visitors to your blog to subscribe to your RSS Feed. It gives your blog that warm little personal touch by showing new visitors a message and showing returning visitors a different message. You can download this plugin at

WP Super Cache Plugin

When you have this plug installed and operative, it gives some turbo power to your blog’s loading by caching your pages. This is a must plugin for two essential reasons. First, it makes your WP pages load real quick. If you’ve got a lot of graphics or big sites, this is critical to keep your visitors from leaving too soon. Second, it stores static versions of your site and uses a lot less CPU processing than if you just used WordPress by itself.

We are through with the list of essential plugins. Now go and install every single one of them on your blog.

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Get to know some more plugins of the “can’t-do-without” variety in the next post.

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