Some more plugins

Some more plugins

In this post, I am going to give you some information on another set of plugins which you are going to find very beneficial to the well being and health of your blog and your blogging activities.

In all my posts on plugins, I will talk about those plugins that are pretty much in the “can’t do without” category. You must understand that there are thousands of plugins, and while a lot of plugins share the same functions and features (though maybe not the same efficiency in carrying out those functions and features), many plugins are worth considering only if you have specific blog functions for which you require specific boosts. An example of this would be if you are selling something on your blog and you install a plugin that enables Paypal links.

My FREE primer, SMALL STEPS GIANT LEAPS, has a whole chapter on plugins that are not mentioned in my blog posts. Even there, I am not able to cover all of the thousands of plugins that are available; I can only talk about a few that would be useful to you.

You really should download your free copy of SMALL STEPS GIANT LEAPS by opting in at the right column. Even if I say so myself, it contains a lot of information absolutely essential for the novice blogger.

All right, here are some more plugins for you that I would rate as essential for your blog.

Google Analytics for WordPress

You can attach your Google Analytics tracking code to all of your blog posts. What this achieves is that you can access information on where your visitors came from, what keywords they used to access your site and what browsers they are using. Obviously, this information tells you where the strengths and weaknesses of your blog are.

Broken Link Checker

This plugin keeps track of the links you have on your blog. if any links are broken, this plugin will let you know about it. The plugin keeps tab on images and redirects.

WordPress Related Posts

This plugin generates a list of related posts in your blog for visitors. The related posts are lists based on the keywords of the post a visitor is reading. As you can see, this plugin is very helpful in keeping your visitors on your blog for longer periods of time by giving them input on other useful posts in the blog of relevance to them.

WP Security Scan

The Wp Security Scan plugin is an essential part of your blog security set up. This plugin offers protection from threats arising from external sources. It monitors and proposes remedial action for issues like password strength, file access, database permission, hiding the WordPress version you are using and admin protection.

Thank Me Later

This plugin is useful if you want to keep in touch with people who comment on your blog (and you should – at least with the non-spammers). This plugin automatically sends an email to commenters. You can choose the contents of the email: maybe something as simple as a word of thanks.

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