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Dial up and broadband

The tortoise and the hare

Dial up and broadband

As a blogger, you are going to be using your internet connection a lot. You are going to be using your email, accessing your site, adding content, attending to comments. You are going to be downloading e-books, videos, software programs, graphics and much more. In your SEO efforts, you are going to be accessing forums, other blogs, authority sites. You may be referring to a lot of other sites when you create your own products. You may be using a lot of online graphics-related and traffic-related sites.

So what kind of an internet connection do you have? A dial up internet connection or a broadband internet connection? Before we answer that question, we may want to look at the answer to another question: what is the difference between dial up and broadband?

Beware clutter

Clutter doesn't work!

Clutter doesn't work!

Your mind gets just as cluttered as you allow it to. A cluttered mind usually leads to a cluttered desk (not good), a cluttered work style (bad), and cluttered results (terrible).

I tell you this after having learnt it the hard way: you need to manage your time, you need to manage your projects. I thought I had enough abilities to keep mental track of all work on hand and get it all done. I learnt the hard way just how much I was denuding myself.

Your first blog pit stop

Pit stop

Take a break

This is a pit stop before you go online. Pit stops are supposed to be as short as possible, so this post is going to be short.

There you are.

You have spent the last several days getting ready to put up a blog.

You have diligently done your digging and you have found your niche. It shows plenty of promise in terms of traffic and income generation.

The World Cup 2010, teamwork and blogging

The World Cup 2010

The World Cup 2010 Logo

As I write this post, the month long football World Cup 2010 (soccer World Cup 2010 to the Americans) extravaganza has just come to an end.

Spain took home the cup, glory and four years’ bragging rights. The Netherlands, Germany and Uruguay took home consolation, mostly intact honor and “If only…” wistfulness.

A brief pep talk

Where do you start?

A Brief Pep Talk

Boosting Each Other

Before we jump into the action, let’s take some time out for a little morale boosting.

The world of internet commerce is a bottomless well… well, so it appears.

The bad news is, there are a billion competitors for every niche you enter. The good news is, nine hundred ninety-nine million, nine hundred ninety-nine thousand of them (give or take) usually haven’t been able to sort out their USB ports from their posteriors. A handful of the survivors are grandly successful, many of them are doing well, most are doing all right.

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