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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

big Brother is Watching You!

Big Brother is Watching You!

As with any line of human enterprise, greed got the better of ethical considerations in internet marketing over the years.

Internet marketers have gotten away with a lot of half-truths, untruths and outright lies. Product usage results were fudged, testimonials were faked, claims of doubtful authenticity were made.

Even now, many of them tread a very fine line indeed.

A word on internet gurus and their doings


A Guru

The internet marketing universe and the blogosphere are infested with internet gurus and their products.

Now I am not sure if the title guru is conferred after some kind of formal graduation, or after achievement of some kind of status or level of income or whatever. I am not sure who — if anybody — has the authority to confer this title.

Some blogging do’s and don’ts

Interested in jumping on the blogging bandwagon?

What You Can Do and What You Can't

Blogging Dos and Don'ts

By all means, do so. But first…

A few words of advice and caution: here are some pointers you should absorb well before you start blogging; keep them always in mind as you progress.

The Personal Touch – Self

This blog is for you


Dedicated to you

Experts say you should avoid using the first person – I, me, mine – as much as possible when you are writing for the benefit of your readers. Out of personal conviction, too, I believe that the second person and the third person are always preferable.

However, this particular post does contain a lot of I, me and mine: I hope you will allow me this liberty. The nature of the post content demanded it.

Me? Blog?

Why me?

Why not you?

Wondering if I Can Also Blog

Me? Blog?

Yes, you. You can learn how to have a blog. With a little hard work, you can start writing a blog as well as anyone else. You can even set up a blog classroom, and give your readers the benefit of some blog learning.

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