Dial up and broadband

The tortoise and the hare

Dial up and broadband

As a blogger, you are going to be using your internet connection a lot. You are going to be using your email, accessing your site, adding content, attending to comments. You are going to be downloading e-books, videos, software programs, graphics and much more. In your SEO efforts, you are going to be accessing forums, other blogs, authority sites. You may be referring to a lot of other sites when you create your own products. You may be using a lot of online graphics-related and traffic-related sites.

So what kind of an internet connection do you have? A dial up internet connection or a broadband internet connection? Before we answer that question, we may want to look at the answer to another question: what is the difference between dial up and broadband?

Redirecting your domain-based emails

Hi! I'm redirected

Hi! I'm redirected

In my last post, I showed you how to set up domain-based email accounts on your host cpanel. At the end of the post, I explained how to access your domain-based email account (type in “http://www.yourdomainname.suffix/webmail” into your browser window and hit enter).

I also mentioned the fact that there is another way to access your domain-based email. This method would most probably be preferred by you.

Domain-based email addresses

Your domain based email

Your domain based email

Before you move ahead with getting content on your blog, there are some things you should get done.

One of these is setting up some domain-based email addresses where people can reach you.

Why domain based? Look at it this way: would you react more favorably to a proposal from someone with a post box address or a real address in some business district?

Beware clutter

Clutter doesn't work!

Clutter doesn't work!

Your mind gets just as cluttered as you allow it to. A cluttered mind usually leads to a cluttered desk (not good), a cluttered work style (bad), and cluttered results (terrible).

I tell you this after having learnt it the hard way: you need to manage your time, you need to manage your projects. I thought I had enough abilities to keep mental track of all work on hand and get it all done. I learnt the hard way just how much I was denuding myself.

Choosing the right WordPress theme

Your blog theme

Some pointers!

Your blog theme should be a reflection of you. At first glance, it should tell readers what you are all about. It doesn’t matter whether it is a free theme, a paid for theme or a custom theme – your theme should be faithful to the message and the mood you are trying to convey.

This may mean that you will have to get some changes effected to the features and appearance of your theme if you are using a free or a paid theme.

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