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Hi. I am Venkatesh “Venky” Iyer. I started life young; by about 25, I was General Manager of a leading trading firm, then an executive in an international bank for a few years, then an entrepreneur for some years… and then a flop…. a nobody earning nothing except possibly a bad name. On and off, my bottom-of-the-gutter spell lasted quite a while… try about a decade.

About a year and a half ago, I started delving into “internet marketing”. It was something to do because I was unemployed, was not contributing to the family finances, and at the relatively young age of fifty, did not want to become an enforced retiree… read parasite, in a large joint family where I am the senior-most adult male.

As I delved further into the endless expanses of “internet marketing”, with all that this phrase means, benign and malign, my journey progressed from being tentative to being purposeful. I was fascinated. I was especially taken up with the concepts of affiliate marketing and blogging.

I began to understand that blogging offers huge scope for people to:

⇒ express themselves on subjects they have a passionate interest in;
⇒ help people acquire information, knowledge and wisdom;
⇒ and best of all: in doing all this, possibly make some money… quite a bit of money… lots of money.

It struck me that there was so much people like stay at home moms, grudging retirees, the unwillingly unemployed and the physically handicapped – those who are in situations of enforced idleness not particularly to their liking – could do on the internet, all from home. They could become constructively busy again. They could gain, or regain, a sense of achievement. With some hard work and the right choice of topics (niches), tools and practices, they could be making some money – maybe even a lot of money.

In these one and half years, I have not made much money. Over the first year, I was buffeted about by a variety of “gurus”. Most of them claimed to have the Midas formula, to be able to make me a huge success, a financial colossus working only a couple of hours a day and living a life of leisure. Going through endless email messages day in and day out left me with no time for actually working on any one plan. Every scheme seemed to be just what I was seeking,just what I needed to become a smash hit. What I landed up getting was mash’ s–t. Pardon my French.

Then I got wise… sort of. I still have my moments of weakness. But starting six months ago, I have tried to be ruthless in unsubscribing from the email lists of gurus. I have chosen to stay on the lists of some gurus who I think do as much teaching as they do selling. NO gurus teach more than they sell, no matter what they preach.

In all this, I did gain a lot of knowledge – to the extent that for months, I suffered from “information overload”. I am now trying to regain my senses, control my withdrawal symptoms, narrow my focus and use some of that overloaded knowledge to good effect.

I am no “guru”. I don’t want to be one. The recent overuse – and, I think, misuse – of this word on the internet has given it a kind of sour taste.

I am still learning. I am not far from novice status and have a long, long way to go.

But I dare to think I am substantially ahead of the millions who are absolute novices. Through this blog, I would like to cater to people in this category, particularly those who would like to make a name and some money for themselves: most especially, the stay at home moms, grudging retirees, unwillingly unemployed or physically challenged.

I have a natural tendency to write with humor, and I have tried to use humor as a deliberate tactic to keep everything I have to say light and easily digestible. I hope I have not crossed any lines, and if any of my absolutely valued visitors find cause for offence, I beg pardon. None was ever intended. At all times, to the best of my abilities, I have tried not to compromise on the quality and value of the information I am trying to impart.

Join me as I explore The Blogging Universe. It won’t take you very long to catch up with me and zoom ahead of me, to become competent, to become expert, to become a maestro – and to start teaching me about the finer nuances of blogging.

Venkatesh “Venky” Iyer

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